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Standards and Guidelines

The AGLC is committed to social responsibility in the sale and service of liquor products in the province. As part of this commitment, the following standards and guidelines have been established:

  • Minors (under 18) are prohibited from purchasing alcohol and from entering age controlled establishments.
  • A licensee and staff should ensure service practices help detect an intoxicated person(s).
  • Intoxicated patrons should be refused liquor service.
  • Licensees must support AGLC's minimum drink price policy, and continue to price and serve liquor responsibly.
  • Premises should be safe and properly maintained.
  • Prohibit activities that may cause personal injury.
  • Given that intoxication impairs reflexes and motor function, consideration should be given to reducing hazard areas in the layout and design of premises (for example, lighting, space for traffic flow, stairs, etc.).
  • A responsible alcohol use program should be implemented to help reduce impaired driving (example: Designated Driver Program).
  • Implement house policies, practices and supervision to reduce the risk of patron assault (example: maintaining incident logs, adequate supervision and security).
  • Keep capacity within the occupant load maximum.
  • Advertising must be within the limits of good taste and propriety and be accurate.
  • Advertising should encourage the legal, moderate, safe and responsible consumption of liquor and discourage abusive drinking patterns.
  • A licensee shall not permit competitions, contests, draws, giveaways or similar promotions in the licensed premises which require the purchase and/or the consumption of alcohol.

Further standards and guidelines for liquor licensees, suppliers and agents to comply with can be found in Policies, Guidelines and Handbooks.

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