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Standards and Guidelines

The AGLC is committed to social responsibility in the delivery of gambling activities in the province. As part of this commitment, the following standards and guidelines have been established:

  • Minors (under 18) are prohibited from entering gambling facilities or from participating in provincial gaming activities.
  • Electronic gaming equipment is restricted to specific age-controlled facilities.
  • Mandatory unattended child care policies are enforced.
  • Granting credit to allow a person to gamble is strictly prohibited.
  • Intoxicated persons may not take part in any gambling activities.
  • All new proposed casinos must meet the requirements of a comprehensive 8-step process before approval is granted.
  • The number of casinos operating in the province is controlled.
  • The number of VLTs is regulated at 6,000 and their accessibility is managed by reducing the number of sites.
  • All VLTs have responsible gambling features included on the terminals.
  • Self-Exclusion programs must operate in all Casinos and Racing Entertainment Centres.
  • All VLT and casino staff must participate in problem gambling awareness training programs.
  • All lottery products will have the help line number posted.
  • All advertising and promotions must be approved by the AGLC and cannot be seen as enticement to play.
  • Requirements for all gaming licensees to comply with operating standards as set out in the Terms & Conditions and Operating Guidelines.
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