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Warning signs of problem gambling

Most people who choose to gamble do so for fun. However, gambling can become out of control and can cause people difficulties. Much like a dependency on alcohol or other addictions, the need to gamble may overtake an individual’s life.

Problem gambling is treatable. To find out how to get help and make a change or to find an addiction services office near you, call the AHS 24-Hour Helpline at 1-866-332-2322.

How do you recognize a gambling problem in yourself or someone close to you?

Here are a few warning signs that may indicate gambling has become a problem:

  • Spending longer and longer periods of time gambling
  • Placing larger, more frequent bets
  • Accumulating debt in order to support any gamble activities
  • Arguing about gambling with friends or family
  • Pinning hope on the ”big win”
  • Feelings of guilt or remorse about gambling
  • Involving yourself in illegal activities to obtain money to gamble
  • Missing work to gamble
  • Hiding involvement in gambling activities

For more information, please visit the Alberta Health Services website.

If you are experiencing problems with alcohol, gambling, tobacco or other drugs – AHS can help. Call 1-866-332-2322 for information, support, and referral or visit

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