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Responsible Gambling - Public Education

Myth: The AGLC adjusts the payout whenever a machine is paying out too much.

Fact: A central computer system monitors the machines for purposes of communicating information, not to make changes or adjustments to the payout percentage. A computer chip within each machine is programmed with this information. On average, the electronic gaming payout percentage in Alberta is 92%.

Read more Myths vs. Facts and learn how to distinguish gambling fact from fiction.
While myths represent popular and often widely held ideas, they are false notions.

Knowing the facts will help you gamble responsibly.

In addition to establishing and implementing policies and regulations to ensure the safe and responsible delivery of gaming and liquor activities in the province, the AGLC manages and delivers a wide variety of educational programs and tools in support of its commitment to responsible gambling. Providing gamblers with the information they need to make responsible decisions and choices about gambling is important to the AGLC.

By studying best practices in other jurisdictions, carrying out our own research and funding research through the Alberta Gaming Research Institute, the AGLC works with AHS and industry partners to ensure that Alberta’s gamblers have access to the most effective educational tools and treatment programs.


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