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Frequently Asked Questions - Responsible Gambling

What programs does the AGLC have to educate and inform the playing public about responsible gambling?

On its own and in conjunction with industry partners, the AGLC has initiated the following responsible gambling educational programs:

  • Deal Us In: A mandatory training program for all casino and Racing Entertainment Centre (REC) staff. The Deal Us In program provides casino and REC staff with the knowledge and skills to help recognize and provide guidance to gamblers in their venues who may be experiencing problems as a result of their gambling.
  • Reel Facts: The Reel Facts online training program was developed to instruct employees in licensed establishments with VLTs about responsible gambling, what it is and how to promote healthy attitudes towards gambling.
  • GameSense Info Centres: Staffed by an AGLC representative, these in-casino kiosks are equipped with public education materials that provide gamblers with information about the cost of play, house advantage and the Voluntary Self-Exclusion (VSE) program. GameSense Info Centreadvisors are available for discussions about responsible and problem gambling and provide support and referrals.      
  • Player Awareness Terminal (PAT): Placed in GameSense Info Centres, the PAT features a series of interactive screens that offer players a self-test, myths and tips on how to develop safe and responsible gambling guidelines and behaviours.
  • Self-Exclusion Program: The Self-Exclusion program is designed for people who feel it is in their best interests to take a break from gambling. By submitting an application to the AGLC, participants can voluntarily agree to be excluded from entering all Alberta casinos and RECs for a specified time period.
  • Responsible Gambling Awareness Week: First launched in October, 2007, this annual provincial event is intended to educate and inform Alberta’s gambling public about the need to gamble responsibly and to prevent problem gambling.

Where can I get more information on the Self-Exclusion Program?

GameSense Info Centre advisors and security staff at casino and racing entertainment or AGLC offices in St Albert and Calgary can provide information on the Self-Exclusion program and assist with enrollment. Participants in the Self-Exclusion program can request exclusion from casino/RECs for time periods ranging from six months to five years. The program is administered by the AGLC and enforced by casino security staff.

For more information on this program, contact the AGLC Social Responsibility Branch in the St. Albert office at 780-447-7582 or
1-877-436-6336 during business hours, 8:15 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday to Friday excluding holidays.

Where can I find more information about problem gambling?

Some of the warning signs of problem gambling are described on this website, as are the myths vs. facts of electronic gambling and tips on responsible gambling.

If you are concerned or want to talk with someone about your gambling or the gambling behaviour of a friend or relative, call the AHS toll-free problem gambling help-line at 1-866-332-2322 or contact your local AHS office.

What is the VLT Responsible Gambling Awards Program?

The VLT Responsible Gambling Awards program features mandatory and voluntary components, all of which equip VLT retailers and their staff with the information and education to help their customers understand what responsible gambling is, and the behaviours associated with it. The program training helps VLT retail staff enable patrons to make informed choices about gambling, and set their own limits. VLT retailers fulfilling both the mandatory and voluntary components will be identified as a Responsible Gambling venue and as such, are eligible for the yearly VLT Responsible Gambling Award.

What percentage of Albertans are problem gamblers?

While 82% of adult Albertans have gambled, problem gambling research estimates 1.3% of adults are at high risk of becoming problem gamblers. Another 3.9% are at moderate risk of developing gambling problems and 9.8% are at low risk of developing gambling problems. (Canadian Problem Gambling Index Survey - 2002)

Does the AGLC have a policy regarding the location of ATMs in premises with VLTs?

Since July 2006, AGLC policy has dictated that all ATMs must be a minimum of 15 feet from the nearest VLT. Where physically possible, the ATM should be situated in an area not visible from the VLT playing area. 

What is the purpose of ensuring that ATMs are 15 feet away from VLTs?

Research indicates that problem gamblers access ATMs twice as often as recreational gamblers. The 15 feet between an ATM and VLT may provide patrons with time to re-think their decision to withdraw more funds and encourage patrons to gamble responsibly.

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