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GameSense Info Centres

GameSense Info Centres have been installed on the gaming floors of Alberta casinos and Racing Entertainment Centres. See locations.

GameSense Info Centre advisors are a ready source of assistance and support.

When problems develop in other areas of life because of gambling, GameSense Info Centre advisors can provide referrals to problem gambling treatment agencies and programs.

Each year funding from the Alberta Lottery Fund goes toward problem gambling information, prevention and treatment programs.

For more information contact your local AHS office, or call the AHS Help Line at 1-866-332-2322 (Alberta only).

The centres are staffed by advisors who meet with casino customers and/or interested family and friends, to discuss, educate and provide information regarding responsible and problem gambling. GameSense advisors understand the differences between responsible and problem gambling and can help gamblers identify and establish responsible gambling behaviours.

The advisors can provide information about the AGLC’s Self-Exclusion Program and assist with enrollment. In addition to providing assistance in the form of support and referrals to customers that may have a gambling problem, GameSense advisors educate casino staff about the signs of problem gambling.

While available for consultation and discussion in the GameSense Info Centres during the posted staffed hours, advisors can also be contacted by phone or email. Contact information is posted at the GameSense Info Centres.

GameSense Info Centres are equipped with a variety of public education materials, including the Player Awareness Terminal (PAT) and brochures that provide gamblers with information about the House Advantage and the Self-Exclusion Program.

For more information about GameSense Info Centres and the services they provide, visit a centre or contact the AGLC.

Player Awareness Terminals (PATs)

First introduced during Responsible Gambling Awareness Week (RGAW) 2007 as part of the AGLC’s responsible gambling program, the Player Awareness Terminals (PATs) were installed in RGICs, with RGAW 2008 (October 20 – 26) marking completion of their installation in all RGICs.

The PATs have proven to be a popular and helpful responsible gambling awareness tool, with their interactive screens offering a self-test, myths and tips on how to develop safe and responsible personal gambling guidelines and behaviours.


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