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2012 News Archive

Liquor manufacturing policy review - December 17, 2012

The AGLC is currently reviewing its Class E liquor licensing (manufacturing) policies. If you are a potential liquor manufacturer or have a special interest in this area and would like to provide feedback, please contact Correna Bluetchen, Manager, Business and Risk Management at or 780-447-7445. 

Liquor bag campaign - December 17, 2012

Edmonton...During the month of December, school age children around Alberta have the opportunity to write or draw messages related to impaired driving on paper liquor bags. Once the students have completed their messages, the bags will be delivered to local liquor stores for use during the holiday season when consumers purchase wine or similarly sized products.

Awareness and education are the foundations for eliminating impaired driving in Alberta. AGLC is pleased to support Students Against Drunk Driving (SADD) in this important initiative. For more information, visit

Edmonton’s nightspots recognized for top service standards - Accreditation and awards recognize the best of Best Bar None - November 21, 2012

Edmonton...Forty-eight pubs, clubs, bars and lounges have been recognized for providing exceptional public safety and customer service. In addition to receiving Best Bar None accreditation, the venues that went above and beyond in meeting the program criteria were awarded in the following categories: Bar/Lounge, Hotel/Restaurant Lounge, Pub, Large Pub. and Club.

Edmonton’s nightspots continue the commitment to safer nights out - Interest in bar safety program growing - November 19, 2012

Edmonton...Forty-eight pubs, clubs, bars and lounges received Best Bar None accreditation for their commitment to customer safety and responsible service of alcohol.

In addition to accreditation, the venues that went above and beyond to ensure a safer and more entertaining night out for their patrons will receive awards at a formal ceremony on November 20 in Edmonton.

Responsible Gambling Awareness Week encourages Albertans to keep gambling fun - October 13, 2012

Edmonton…Balance gambling with other leisure activities and set spending limits is the main message of this year’s Responsible Gambling Awareness Week, October 15-21, which focuses on helping Albertans maintain a healthy perspective on gambling.

New this year is the AGLC's responsible gambling campaign, launched ahead of the Responsible Gambling Awareness Week. The campaign illustrates the warning signs of unhealthy behaviour and highlights the importance of taking a break while gambling, encouraging the audience to keep gambling fun and in perspective with other entertainment activities.

The campaign introduced the Take 10 App, which allows gambling patrons to access fun ways to take a break from gambling and learn more about responsible gambling at Other responsible gambling tools available on the website a include Cost of Play Calculator, My Gambling Check-Up, and numerous tips on how to play responsibly and keep gambling fun.

Albertans advised to be wary of the latest mail scam - October 5, 2012

St. Albert…Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) is advising Albertans that the organization's name is being used in a mail scam. The scam operates as follows:

  • A letter with AGLC mock letterhead is mailed to Alberta addresses, claiming the person has won $40,000 in the "Alberta Super Seven" contest.
  • A Royal Bank of Canada cheque, made out to the person for $1,600.00, is attached to the letter.
  • The person is instructed to cash the fraudulent cheque into their own account.
  • They are then instructed to pay $1,400.00 in taxes for their prize through Western Union.
  • They are told that they will receive their tax information from Claim Agent, David Lee.
  • They are instructed to phone David Lee immediately.

Albertans who receive this letter should contact their local police service or Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501.

Recently recalled Woody's Sasparilla safe to consume - August 21, 2012

St. Albert…Health Canada has confirmed that there is no health risk to the public related to consumption of Woody's Sasparilla alcoholic beverages with lot number BB 16/02/14. Earlier this month, the AGLC recalled the product as a precautionary measure after glass particles were found in one bottle of this specific lot in Manitoba. To date, there have been no complaints or injuries related to consumption of this product reported in Alberta.

The AGLC recalls liquor product - August 1, 2012

Edmonton…Albertans are advised not to consume specific Woody’s Sasparilla Original Alcoholic Beverages as some bottles of the product may contain glass particles. Liquor licensees across the province are being advised to remove the product from their shelves and serving stocks.

Meet Calgary's winning Best Bar None venues… - June 7, 2012

Calgary… Last night, Calgary's top Best Bar None-accredited venues were formally recognized. These venues go above and beyond in their efforts promoting a safer night out by providing exceptional public safety and customer service. Check out the list of winning bars, pubs, clubs

Calgary's nightspots recognized for top service standards - May 25, 2012

Calgary… Twenty-nine pubs, clubs, bars and lounges have been accredited with the Best Bar None program for their commitment to responsible service and safe operations. In addition to accreditation, the venues that went beyond meeting the essential program criteria will receive awards at a formal ceremony on June 6 in Calgary.

“Putting measures in place to ensure a safe night out for patrons is a commitment to public safety and just good customer service,” said Doug Horner, President of Treasury Board and Minister of Finance, also responsible for the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission. “By becoming Best Bar None-accredited, these establishments have set a high standard in the industry."

Under-25 liquor policy audit: May 7–Aug 31 - May 3, 2012

St. Albert… If you’re a youthful looking 30-year-old, you may often find yourself getting asked for identification when purchasing liquor or entering licensed premises. Lucky you, because this means that the licensee is complying with the AGLC’s policy, which requires the licensee and staff to ask for identification from anyone who appears to be under 25 years of age.

This summer, the AGLC is again conducting an audit of licensees to ensure they are complying with the policy and preventing underage Albertans from entering minors-prohibited premises or attempting to purchase liquor.

Medicine Hat Couple Wins $24.9 Million - February 3, 2012

Medicine Hat… Timothy and Kendolyn Elliott are "Okanagan dreaming" after winning $24,907,026.00 on LOTTO 6/49. The Medicine Hat couple is planning to pursue their dream of retiring to the Okanagan after winning the Jackpot on the January 21st draw.

Province, city partners team up to increase nightlife safety in Calgary - January 19, 2012

Calgary… A new program aimed at improving public safety and promoting higher customer service in the city's nightlife industry is being launched in Calgary. More than 300 pubs, clubs, bars and lounges are invited to take part in the Best Bar None program, making the city's nightlife safer and more enjoyable. "Safety is always top of mind for Albertans," said Ron Liepert, Minister of Finance, also responsible for the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission. "I'm pleased so many partners are working together in innovative ways to keep our communities safe and vibrant."

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