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Enhancing the Prize Claim Procedures

AGLC’s Commitment to Players

The Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission is confident in the integrity of the Alberta lottery system, but we are always looking at new ideas to help strengthen the prize claim processes and procedures for players and retailers. A number of enhancements are in place to protect players and help them play with confidence.  Enhancements include:

1. Customer Display Units - The WCLC has installed 19" customer display units at every lottery retail location.  The screens face the player allowing them to see if the ticket is a “winner” or a “non-winner” and the exact amount of any prize won.

2. New Terminals - Accompanying the display units are new terminals. Players hear a distinctive sound whenever a winning ticket is checked signalling to the customer that their ticket is a “winner.”

3. Ticket Checkers – All lottery ticket retail locations have self-service ticket checkers which will allow players to electronically check his or her own tickets.

4. Enhancing Consumer Education - Communication to players has been enhanced to make more players aware of the simple steps they can take to ensure they receive the correct prize.  Players should always print their full name on the back of the ticket after purchase, check the winning numbers themselves and make sure they receive the validation slip generated by the terminal when their ticket is checked by a lottery retailer.

5. Enhancing Consumer Complaint Review - Complaint forms have been revised to ensure that any consumer complaints are documented and reviewed appropriately. Consumers can also call WCLC toll-free at 1-800-665-3313, and we will look into their concern.

6. Making Retailer Claims Tougher - Additional questions and review procedures have been implemented for all current and future major prize claims made by a retailer.

7. Strengthening Retailer Training/Communication -  Training and communication to retailers has been strengthened to ensure proper procedures are followed when checking a player’s ticket presented for prize payment.

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