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Shared Events and Joint Ventures

Bingo Association Shared Event

Bingo associations may allow two or more groups who find it difficult to meet volunteer requirements at their bingo events to be licensed to work the same bingo event. Each group is issued a separate licence and:

  • is responsible to provide its portion of the required number of volunteers, pay its portion of the event expenses, and then will receive its share of pooled proceeds;
  • must receive a copy of the “Event Summary Control” form which reflects the deposit to each group’s bank account, the cheque payments each group is responsible for, and the event proceeds.

Groups belonging to bingo associations must contact the bingo association hall manager to determine if shared events are an option at the facility.

Casino, Community Bingo, and Raffle Joint Venture

The AGLC may issue a “Joint Venture” licence for casino, community bingo and raffle events. Two or more groups may be licensed to conduct one gaming event jointly. One licence is issued in the name of all groups involved.

Casino and Community Bingo

Groups with not enough volunteers to conduct an event alone may apply for a joint venture licence with other group(s).


The AGLC receives joint venture raffle applications for Raffles Total Ticket Value More than $10,000, for example, a dream home raffle. Another example of a joint venture raffle licence occurs when regional branches of a larger organization partners to access a much larger physical area, e.g. Northern Alberta Organization ABC with Southern Alberta Organization ABC.

In order to conduct a joint venture, the following conditions must be met.


  • Each group must apply for and meet eligibility requirements.
  • All groups must enter into a written agreement specifying:

a) who will provide workers;

b) how the proceeds will be distributed; and

c) a decision-making, dispute resolution process.


  • The groups must establish a joint account;
  • Each group must identify a gaming account into which its share of the proceeds will be deposited; or, if the purpose of the joint venture is to fund a common project, the funds may be disbursed directly from the joint account.


  • All expenses must be paid from the joint account;
  • All groups must share equal responsibility for the costs/liabilities, or have an agreement specifying the liabilities and distribution of revenues;
  • The proceeds will be split according to the Joint Venture Agreement;
  • Funds will be deposited into the accounts identified on the application;
  • The financial report must be submitted as required; each group is responsible for separately reporting on the disbursements of the proceeds.
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